Thursday, December 3, 2009

Corporate Guidance

I certainly need guidance.  If you could see all the stuff rattling around in my head, you would understand that I am in dire need of guidance. 

The idea of corporate guidance seems fanciful and utopian.  The notion that people can be guided together almost seems impossible to me right now, but I know it is no fantasy.  It is reality.  It is the community of faith.

I have been blessed  to have experienced the guiding hand of God leading a group of people.  From my D group in college to several congregations I have been privileged to serve, I have known the amazing grace of a divine leading for a group.

Often corporate guidance seems far fetched because my sense of personal guidance is lacking.  As I said before, I am awash in sensitive issues right now.  Work, family life, personal decisions, all seem overwhelming and too much right now.  This sense makes the concept of corporate guidance too distant and too . . .  I can't even think of a good word.  I guess I even need some guidance for that.

Are you in touch with the guiding hand of the Master today?  Or are you struggling along with me?

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