Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Where Do You Go From Here?

Guidance gives direction, but that does not always mean movement in that direction.  Guidance helps us to see the paths in front of us, but there is much more involved in following guidance.

In our everyday lives we need all of God's graces in order to transform guidance into action.  How many times have you felt led by God only to go nowhere?  How many times have allowed the guiding hand of God to become stalled by my lack of faith or willingness?  How many times have I tried to follow the direction of the Spirit under my own power?  How many times . . . ?

As I conclude this installment on the discipline of guidance, I am reminded of the times that God has graciously given me (us) direction that has led to His will.  I am grateful and humbled by His attention and care.  I am thankful.

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