Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chapter 3-The Discipline of Prayer

Ah, a more familiar discipline.  Meditation is cloaked in so much mystery.  Prayer is just hard.  Familiarity doen't necessarily make something easier.  I know my limitations.  I know my struggles.  I know my short comings. 

"To pray is to change."  This seems to me to be the heart of the issue.  We often think of praying as a means to change someone or something else, perhaps even God.  I really think that prayer is about changing me.  How often have I prayed for someone to meet the need that I can meet?  How often have I asked God to send someone to help my neighbor when I could help?  How often have I begged that He would send a messenger when my mouth remained silent?  How often should the answer to my prayers have been me?

This discipline underscores the essential connection between the disciplines and our God.  We cannot pray as we ought on our own.  We can only pray as we should through the power, direction, and will of the Father.  God help me to pray as I ought!

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