Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Thought about Blogging

My wife astoutly pronounced by blog yesterday as too . . . well, difficult to read.  I must confess that my writing style can be hard to follow at times.  I tend to write like I speak.  Phrasing and insertion of secondary thoughts are an important part of my speaking style.  I must admit that I did not spend a great deal of time editing yesterday due to a tight schedule, but that is no excuse.

A thought about blogging becomes an insight into meditation.  Meditation is about simplicity and clarity.  Meditation is about basic structure and slowed minds.  Meditation is detaching from the craziness and attaching to the Still One.

I am starting to get a more clear picture of this project.  With four forms of meditation described in this chapter, I can go one of two routes.  I could pick one and "try" it for a few days, or I could attempt all of them.  I am going to opt for the completion of all four.

My thought is that this blog will serve as a demonstration of starting to practice the disciplines.  Like someone trying new painting styles to see which one fits, I will try them all and see what seems to fit.  In so doing, I will only be able to share the first thoughts of one traveling down the spiritual path and not the great depths of the devotional masters.  But let's not kid ourselves, I am no spiritual master.  I am merely a child crawling on the path.

I will let you know tomorrow my schedule for the four forms of meditation on Friday through Monday.  I hope you will crawl on the path with me.  See you later.

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