Friday, September 25, 2009

Wow, was that hard

What a day for meditation?  I just pulled in to the office parking lot at 3:25pm.  I thought, "I have plenty of time to get ready."  I prepared my Bible, water, and phone (countdown mode), and I was ready.  I was turned to John 21:15-21, and then it started.

I read the scripture and placed myself within the story watching as Nathanael or one of the two unnamed disciples.  I imagined the sound of the surf, the smell of the cooked fish and salt in the air, the light reflecting off the water, the taste of the fish and bread, and felt the cool morning breeze from the water. 

I could feel the discomfort of Peter as Jesus asked the same question 3 different ways.  I noticed the formal way Jesus spoke Peter's name.  I felt the angst of Peter as his master asked him about his love/like.  I understood the tension "in the room" as Jesus told Peter to take care of his little ones even though he answered poorly.  I got the sense that Jesus had pulled Peter aside as to not embarrass him but kept him close enough to feel uncomfortable.  I heard the "Follow me" clearer than ever before. 

I got all of that . . . in 7 minutes.  I couldn't believe it.  Eternity could be found in 8 verses.  Time seemed to stand still.  Then my phone rang with 17 minutes to go.  Then the phone rang again with 11 minutes to go.  I decided to add verses 1-14 to the mix.  That gave my mind some more to think about.  Finally, eternity ended.

During this event, I was reminded that the disciplines are not difficult, but that does not mean they are easy either.  Learning to tune out and turn off are skills that most of struggle with.  Our fast paced world demands immediate response and immediate action.  The discipline of meditation vies against all of that in us.  I enjoyed this time because I had the sense that I was in a sacred moment.  I hope to expand that moment as a result of these exercises.

Join me tomorrow as I try "palms up, palms down."  See you later.

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