Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Prayer of Faith

Not surprisingly, the most "effective" times of my prayer life have been when I was the closest to God.  I have realized that for years, but I now think I understand why.  I have usually thought of that connection in the sense that I was "more righteous," and God listened more.  Or I have felt that my prayer had more power then.  Now I believe that the times of effectiveness were merely a reflection of the fact that my closeness with God was the key, not my superior spirituality of the moment.  I saw results because I knew the Father's will.  I was praying for what God wanted.  I had been changed, not God.

My senior year of college I had the opportunity to lead a D-Group.  This discipleship group for a bunch of freshman guys turned into a prayer meeting where we saw outlandish answers to dynamic prayers.  We prayed because we knew God's will.  Incoming freshmen and an outgoing senior focused on Him, and our prayers reflected that. 

I long for those days.  There are times where praying seems like trying to solve a Rubic's Cube.  Some people are masters, but most of us have never really taken the time to figure out how the thing works.  My life and mind are often so crowded with needs, demands, concerns, worries, and fears that the will of God is often relegated to the "I wish I had time for" pile.

I also realize that I am better as a member of a group rather than a solo artist.  I think I am going to look for a new D-Group.  I wonder where all the freshmen have gone.

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  1. There are freshmen all around us. Maybe we should look for a new senior?