Wednesday, September 16, 2009


"Joy is the keynote of all the Disciplines." 

Of all the words to use concerning the disciplines, joy would not be my first choice.  Challenging, frustrating, or hard come to mind long before joy.  I have made it a habit to add the disciplines at varying intervals in my life.  Usually, I make a decision to try and then I try and then I quit.  Life, personal insecurity, busyness, and reliance upon will do me in long before I can find the joy.

"In one important sense, the Spiritual Disciplines are not hard."

In my experience, I have not found that sense.  I think I struggle with the Disciplines as an outgrowth of my own will.  I find them more akin to running than brushing my teeth.  My parents helped instill the brush your teeth every morning thing, and I have always struggled to keep the running thing in my life.  I do realize that running gets easier as I run more.  Perhaps that is one of the keys of the spiritual disciplines as well.

I'm going to run tonight.


  1. I love reading all of your old posts. They have reminded me of how much I miss you guys! I just had to share with you too, that you wrote this post on joy on Sierra JOY's 8th birthday. She is our constant reminder of the joy we have in our lives despite what the world throws our way. :-)

  2. Run baby, run! Running has become one of my disciplines and I'm down to 203lbs now. The incentives of energy and a firmer body are helping to perpetuate this. It seems like life is about understanding our incentives. Good and bad.