Sunday, September 27, 2009

Consider the lily

Meditation of the creation takes me back to a moment in time back in 6th grade.  Sitting on a boulder in the middle of a stream deep in the Smokey Mountains, I met God in a very personal way.  That occasion was with my 6th grade class and was not a Christian retreat.  We were there to learn about nature and ourselves.  I learned about both.  I found that I loved the solitude, and I saw God everywhere.

Tonight as a listened to the evening voices, I was astonished at the variety of God's creation.  There are so many of us, and He understands each one of our languages.  I don't know cricket, or owl, or bat, but I do know One who does.

I am humbled by the fact that He loves us in a way that far exceeds the rest of creation.  There is a sense in which Christ's sacrifice will bring redemption for all things, but Jesus took  Calvary for me.  That bullet had my name written all over it, and He gladly took it for me.  With all the beauty and amazement within creation, He chose to love us in a profoundly intimate way. 

Thank you God for your incredible gift.

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