Thursday, September 24, 2009

A Time to Meditate

My brother, Rich, called yesterday and asked if I was going through an "existential crisis."  Unsatisfied with my answer, he later asked my wife if I was having a crisis of faith or mid-life crisis.  Well, at 43, I think I have hit all of those recently, but this blog is not the product of any of that.  I really see this as a positive disciplinary action for any of us.  I feel an accoutability in my efforts.  I also need structure to help me in life. 

Tomorrow I will spend 30 minutes in meditation upon John 21:15-22.  This form of meditation asks the participant to place themselves within the story and utilize their senses within that context.  Meditation like this attempts to internalize and personalize the Scripture.  I have a Great Lakes Christian College Board of Trustees tomorrow so I will conduct this exercise around 3:30pm.  I'll let you know how it goes.

The rest of the schedule will look like this--"palms up, palms down" on Saturday, meditation on creation on Sunday, and meditation upon the events of our time on Monday.  On the day following a form of meditation, I will give an account of my experience and set up the scenario for the next day.  Thanks for walking the path with me.

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