Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Foothills of Prayer

"We should never make prayer too complicated."  Wow, that's what I do best.  I make things complicated.  I can always imagine ways to make things harder than they should be.  I am learning to appreciate simplicity though.  I am just now learning that parenting isn't as hard as it seems.  The complicating factors I add make the situations much more difficult.  When I deal with a situation with simple action, results can easily be seen.  

Prayer is simple, but simple does not mean easy.  I struggle at the vastness of the need for prayer.  Someone had a stroke.  Someone else is going through a divorce.  Iran is developing nukes.  A friend is struggling financially.  My mid-life crisis is growing like a weed.  The planet is in peril.  I have the sniffles.  I desire a profoundly healthy prayer life, not an easy one. 

God, help me talk to you.  By your grace, free me from me and draw me to you.  Thanks for listening.

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