Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chapter 6-The Discipline of Simplicity

The first of the "outward" disciplines is such a paradox.  Simplicity is far from simple.  The least cluttered and complicated of the disciplines, simplicity is perhaps the most difficult to practice.

The "inward" disciplines of the last 4 weeks are practiced in the privacy of ones own closet.  The "outward" disciplines are on full display for everyone to see.  Everyone can pick out someone who practices simplicity or, for that matter, someone who doesn't.  Which one are you?

I tend to be a complicator.  I tend to make my world more complex.  I tend to collect.  I tend to hold onto.  I tend to not be simple.  I so want a simplified life.  And honestly, my family and I are working toward that end.

We have gone through just about all of the house (garage and basement are still on the list) and shared many of our possessions with others who need them.  We are continually asking the question "Do we really need this?"  17 years of accumumlated family stuff can amount to an awful lot.  It can also complicate life, and it has. 

I think I am going to clean the office computer desk at home tonight.  That sounds simple. 

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