Sunday, October 18, 2009

"Crumbs for the dogs"

My Bible School class studied the passage from Mark 7 that talks about the woman who needed her child freed of a demon, and Jesus tells her that she needs to wait her turn.  I have read this a thousand times and have always felt sorry for the woman.  It is as though Jesus brushed her right off, or that's how I have always reacted to the story.

Upon further study this week, I discovered a wonderful word in Jesus remarks to her.  It was the word "first."  Jesus told her that the children get the crumbs before the dog, but He never told her she couldn't have some.  God's plan was to take the message of salvation to the Jews first; then to the Gentiles. 

Jesus is amazing.  He made His point several different ways.  He was in Gentile country telling a Gentile woman that she would have her turn.  Wasn't that what He was saying merely by His presence.  He had come to her (them) but not until He had gone to Israel.  He was demonstrating His concern for her by that same presence.  He had no reason to be there other than to bring Himself into their proximity.  He demonstrated His point as He was making His point.  What a wonderful teacher!!!!!

I think the Syrophoenician woman was probably OK with the crumbs she got that day.  God give me just the crumbs you have left over.  Bless me with much with just what is left over.  Thank you for the crumbs.

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