Wednesday, October 28, 2009


The outward disciplines ironically make great demands upon the inner person.  Solitude has an outer appearance that demands an inner practice for continuity.  The integrity of the experience cannot be judged by the outward reflection only.

Solitude may have the appearance of being alone, but it may only be aloneness.  The actions of the hermit may be counter to solitude and may just be a separation from society.  Solitude and silence may be the opposite of the disciplines they are connected to. 

In one of my favorite roles of Tom Hanks, he portrays the challenge that many of us feel as we find ourselves alone.  Cast Away demonstrates the human tragedy of being completely alone.  Forced to live alone, Chuck had to find a way to survive.  Chuck learned to survive but never found solace in the solitude.  He was always bent on leaving. 

I have trended toward Chuck.  When I find myself alone, I tend to try to find any means possible to not be alone.

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