Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Brother Said This Would Happen

My brother told me that a blog would get difficult.  Well, I have found it challenging over the past few days.  I have consistently stayed a day behind. 

This is the final blog on fasting.  I will intro the new discipline later today.

The pace of life has made this attempt at practicing the classic disciplines hard.  I originally thought the disciplines would make this project difficult.  I now believe that my life makes the disciplines difficult.

My family is going through a decluttering phase.  We have cleaned rooms.  Emptied closets.  Given away bags of clothing.  We are cleaning out the garage.  We are getting rid of stuff to make room for life.

I believe that I need to do that in my spiritual life.  I need to declutter so I can make room for life.  I need to rid my life of some stuff so I can put better stuff in.  I think I'll go and clean a closet or two and then try to figure out how to do that in my life.

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