Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Challenge of This Book

The challenge of Celebration of Discipline lies in the following through with the discipline in order to reach the corresponding freedom.  The freedom connected with submission is freedom from having to have your own way.  The cure for being spoiled is the practice of submission.  Discovering you are not the most important thing in the universe is the key to peace with the universe.  The discipline is not the goal; the discipline is the means to the goal--the corresponding freedom.

I am learning that submission sometimes plays itself out in strange ways.  My son, as I mentioned earlier, is struggling with authority and responsibility.  I am learning that part of my submission is in allowing him to "reap what he sows."  If I break in and take on his responsibility, I am not being submissive.  I am controlling.  I am attempting to change an outcome. 

Today I am trying to be submissive as a parent.  I don't feel free yet, but I do feel like I am doing the right thing.  And that is freeing in itself.

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