Monday, November 9, 2009

Submission to the Natural

The past week has been a giant practice of learning to submit to nature.  My wife was diagnosed with H1N1, and the only thing we could do is deal with it.  My son threw up this morning before school, and all we could do was deal with it.  On the day my wife was diagnosed with swine flu, I performed the funeral for a woman who died from it, and all we could do was deal with it.  All we could do was deal with it.

Sometimes we are so deluded into believing that we control everything around us including nature itself.  Rain, snow, hot, cold, tornado, drought, flood are all out of our control.  We can fight against the wind, but we will never win.

I am getting older, and every day I learn that in another way.  I can fight this change of life, or I can submit to it and find freedom.  I think I might try a little freedom on for size.  Wish me luck.

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