Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Chapter 8-The Discipline of Submission

Submissive, suberviant, subordinate, all sound negative.  What has us so convinced that getting our way, being number one, top dog are all so wonderful?  The truth is that few of us can ever claim to be the best, top, lord of anything.  At best, we appear to be the big fish.  We may have been a contender, but we are mostly just pretenders.  If this is the case, then why do we fight against the submissive life.

My son is fighting against almost everything right now.  He doesn't want to do what we say.  He doesn't want to do what his teachers say.  He doesn't . . .  He doesn't know that fighting is harder than giving in. 

What is it that makes us like that wild stallion that doesn't want to be broken?  What is it that presses us toward autonomy no matter what the price?  What is it that pushes to get what we never really wanted in the first place?  What is it? 

The undisciplined life that's what.

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  1. How do you teach someone to surrender to self-discipline???? I can't figure it out. . .and I am tired. Exhausted. . . :(