Monday, November 23, 2009

I Had to Confess

I did make a corporate confession yesterday, and it fit the situation.  I confessed that I owned far too much stuff.  Now there is a back story to this confession.

I have been a faithful yard sale, Salvation Army, Value World (It's a Michigan thing.), and a "good deal" kind of guy.  I have amassed a relative fortune in stuff.  I have camping equipment for 4 families, but we don't camp.  I could outfit an army's kitchen, but there are only 3 in my family.  I have bought my wife a bunch of shoes, but she likes that.  I have a problem.  I have gotten to the point where a possible need equated to a purchase.  The hunt, the find, the deal became more important than the object itself.  I confessed my problem to my congregation during my sermon, Give It Away.

Along with the confession, I am beginning to part with the extra junk in my life.  My wife gave a big Amen in the service and is now waiting to see the fruits of that confession.  God help me and give me the strength.

Confession is freeing when followed by change.  I am on a quest to change, and all those around me know the truth about which I speak.

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