Thursday, November 5, 2009

A New Attitude

The discipline of submission demands a new attitude.  Giving in can be passive-aggressive.  Forgoing our rights may be submissive.  Like many of the disciplines, a simple action cannot be equated to the actual discipline.  Especially with submission, a new attitude is needed.

My wife and I are trying new strategies with our son.  Last night went better.  Perhaps there is hope. 

I tend to lead my son with a constant dose of lordship.  The notion that I need to be submissive (not passive) to him has changed much about the way I look at parenting.  The goal really has never been just to get him to do what I want.  The goal is for him to be able to do what he needs to.  That is an act of choice.  I can force many things, but I cannot force choice.  My new submissive parenting style has some promise.  It's amazing how godly actions bring about good results.

Pray for me.

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