Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Servant of All

For almost 9 years I asked an early childhood professional if she would help with our growing children's ministry in our church. For 9 years, she told me that she prayed about it but did not feel like God was calling her to that ministry.  Nine invitations to serve; nine refusals.

How many times have I not served because I didn't feel like I should?  The reason doesn't really matter.  The fact is that I chose not to serve.  In Mark 9:35, Jesus instructs that we should be "servant of all."  Our call to serve trumps our need to feel the calling.  Foster says, "The service disciplines the feelings rather than allowing the feeling to control the service."

The call to serve all frees us from the ups and downs of our internal feelings.  It removes all political and personal motivations for our actions.  It puts everyone on the same plain-one who should be served.  God, I ask you to show me how I can be the servant of all.  Open my eyes that I may see. 

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