Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Confession Is Good for the Soul

Confession may seem to be an act of admission of guilt, but on another level confession is a mementous "shout out" to the God who forgives and loves.  Personally, confession is cathartic; corporately, confession is liberating.  The company of the forgiven must always share in the combined glory of sins forgiven.  We convene not because we've "got it" but because we need it.  We gather not because we are now superior but because we have all fallen.  We join together not because we are high and exalted but because He was lifted up.  We are just as much a community of miserable sinners as we are glorified saints. 

We cannot celebrate our salvation with out dealing with our need for forgiveness.  We cannot revel in the new birth without lamenting our death to sin.  We must not live our lives as if their was no price for our freedom. 

Confession is a constant reminder of the perpetual presence of Jesus' cross in all of our affairs.  Confession keeps us real and keeps our heads out of the clouds.  Confession reminds us that we are all sinners saved by grace, amazing grace.

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